This project has been created by @jeromeetienne and it is now maintained by @nicolocarpignoli and the AR.js Org Community.

Notes about AR.js 3 release:

After months of work, we have changed AR.js for good. The aim was to make it a true, free alternative to paid Web AR solutions. We don't know if we're already there, but now the path is clear, at least.

We have worked hard, spent many days and nights - obviously, we are coders, what did you expect? - and we are now so thrilled to share this achievement with the community. We know that it can be better, we know its limitations, but we would love to share this journey's result.

AR.js is now under a Github organisation, that means, more collaborative than ever. It has a new structure, and a lot of new code. And most of all, we've added Image Tracking, what we felt was the missing piece for a true alternative to Web AR.

A huge, huge thanks to the wonderful guys who made this possible:

and many more. It was great to built this with all of you.